Second Place - X Marks A Great Photo Spot

I am excited to share that this shot from Yosemite received Second Place in an exhibit at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center in Sacramento, California. Given the current situation, it will be an online showing.

X Marks A Great Photo Spot

About the Exhibit

The exhibit is called, "PHONEOGRAPHY: Beyond the Selfie."  It features images taken on cell phones and tablets.  The exhibit runs from May 5th to June 6th, 2020.  It is a juried exhibit and the judge selected from over 300 photos submitted by over 70 photographers.

About the Photo

This shot was taken at the world famous Tunnel View vista in Yosemite National Park in March 2020.  It has a great view looking over the Yosemite Valley.  There is a bronze sculpture of the valley there.  I thought it would be humorous to take a shot looking through the sculpture to the real valley in the background.

As I was setting up my camera phone for the shot, the woman walked into the shot taking pictures of the valley herself.  This is an example of the "decisive moment" in photography as it captures a spontaneous, genuine and memorable moment.  It would be a completely different photograph if the woman did not step in front with her camera.  Camera phones are well suited for getting these types of moments because they are convenient and readily at hand.

The photo gets it title from the X that marks the Tunnel View location in the sculpture.  It is in the lower and right part of the image.

Get The Limited Edition Print

The print will be printed, matted and signed by me.  Click here to see it on Viewpoint's online gallery.