Pillows and Blankets from Zion National Park

I am excited to add "Pillows and Blankets" to my Pillows and Blankets Gallery. The name of the gallery was inspired from this photo.

Pillows and Blankets

Figuring Out The Shot

My final landscape photography trip of 2019 was to Zion National Park in the United States.  On my first morning at Zion, I decided the best place to start was to go in as far as I could.  It took the shuttle bus to the Narrows bus stop.  After a short hike, I came across the Virgin River and I saw a small set of rapids.

I thought a long exposure panoramic shot of the entire rapids would be cool.  It would have to be a very short and wide photo to eliminate all the distractions in the foreground and background.  I also thought of converting it to black and white since it was a very overcast day and the color was not pleasing.

I was not very satisfied with my efforts.  But while I was checking for sharpness of the photo, my heart jumped.  Checking for sharpness involves zooming in on the replay of a photo on my camera.  I got excited when I zoomed into the center set of rapids because it reminded me of a bed with pillows and blankets.  Making the photo larger than life also made it very dramatic.  On top of that, focusing on the rocks allowed the golden color to shine through despite the overcast atmosphere.  Here is the final image again.

Pillows and Blankets

I have a longer account of my Zion trip on my travel blog. I went through a range of emotions on this trip.

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