Artist’s Statement

I am a digital landscape photographer, occasionally venturing into wildlife photography. I see photography as the blending of art and technology. Since the origin of photography, the combination of lenses, chemicals and whatnot allows us to capture and develop an image in the way that we want to see it.

The process of how the technological leads to something non-technological intrigues me. The process means sometimes standing out in a freezing morning waiting for perfect light of sunrise. It means framing and reframing the image and fiddling with camera settings to capture just what I want. It means spending hours in a digital darkroom getting the colors to look just right.

At the end pops out an image where the technology fades away and people see something that resonates with them. It is a human connection made when other people like what I Iike.

My style tends to be complex photographs with a lot going on. Particularly, I am chasing haziness in images because it adds a lot of depth. It also adds an abstract painterly quality. These scenes are hard to find, so it is rewarding to get one. The ultimate image would be a complex one that gives an overall simple impression to draw the viewer to look at it in more depth.

My main camera is a Nikon D500 DSLR which I use with a variety of lenses. Adobe Lightroom software is my digital version of a darkroom. Occasionally, Photoshop is used to make an image extra special.