Rodeo Beach, Marin Headlands, Travel Log - August 17 to 18, 2019

Rodeo Beach is the nearest ocean beach from my home in Folsom. It’s about two hours drive. Rodeo Beach is in the Marin Headlands just north of San Francisco. The entire area falls into the Golden Gate National Recreation Area which is run by the National Park Service.

One of the distinguishing features of Rodeo Beach is the lagoon. It gets its water during high tide when the ocean waves crest over the northern part of the beach. Nature Bridge allows you to get to the beach over the lagoon.

Family Time

Several groups of people walked across the Nature Bridge at Rodeo Beach. There were picnickers, a couple with their dog, a group of friends and others. I thought this family told the best story.

Morning at the Beach

The best way to have the beach to yourself is to get there before sunrise on a Sunday morning. This was taken shortly after sunrise.

Fleeting Sunrise

I had to run up Rodeo Beach to get this shot. I was taking photos of the shoreline and I saw this scene at the lagoon when I was finishing up. It was only around 25 yards to this spot, but it seemed like eternity running on the soft sand. I got three shots and then it went away.