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Hazy Sierra Foothills Limited Edition Print

Viewpoint Gallery - Work of Art Exhibition

"Hazy Sierra Foothills" will be exhibited at the Viewpoint Gallery in Sacramento from Tuesday, Dec. 4 to Saturday, Jan. 5. Copy #3 of 30 limited edition prints will be available for purchase. Contact me if you would like your own numbered, initialled, matted and unframed limted edition copy.

Earlier Exhibitions

KVIE Art Auction

"Hazy Sierra Foothills" received a Juror Award at the 2018 KVIE Art Auction. The auction was broadcast on October 5th to October 7th, 2018. Copy #1 of 30 limited edition prints was auctioned.

Featured Gallery

  • California Central Coast

    Bad weather usually means good photos. The forecast said rain all day on the California Central Coast, so I knew I had to get there. My gear got soaked during a steady drizzle, but I got this long exposure shot.

  • Sunset Sail on the Bay

    Sailing in San Francisco Bay duirng sunset. The bridge is the western end of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Smoky Yosemite

    Smoke from controlled fires creating beams of sunlight at Tunnel View vista point.

  • Lone Cottonwood in Alabama Hills

    This was one of the first things I saw when going to the Alabama Hills of Southern California. This was mid-November.

  • Owens Valley Autumn

    Colorful autumn scene by Lone Pine, California. The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is in the background. Lone Pine Peak is on the left. Mount Whitney is in the center and is the highest summit in the contiguous United States.

  • A Tree In Sedona

    A storm was moving through Sedona during our hiking trip. It rained heavily the day we arrived, but it rained only intermittently during the week. It worked out great as it never rained while hiking, but setup an awesome backdrop for an image like this. We had stopped for lunch during the hike on Broken Arrow Trail and this tree against the moody Sedona backdrop immediately caught my eye.

  • Lake Tahoe Shimmering

    View of a very blue Lake Tahoe. The sun was very intense and the entire lake was shimmering.

  • Mono Lake Peace

    Smoke from earlier forest fires creating a soft hazy quite scene at sunset.

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